About Sam

Relationships + Consensus Building = Partnership

About Sam

Sam J Mazzuca, President & Senior Consultant

Sam MazzucaFor 30 years Sam Mazzuca has helped businesses with organizational assessments, solution design and the facilitation of strategically focused transformational initiatives. Specialized in linking human resources practices to manifest cultural transformation strategies. His career has been focused on developing organizational solutions and facilitating their implementation.

Sam formed Mazzuca & Associates in 2005 to assist organizations in assessing and finding solutions for their workplace relationships and alignment challenges by…

  • First, providing the business with an independent assessment of their key stakeholder’s relationships with each other in their current operating work environment.
  • Second, provide solutions and coaching for improving work relationships, strengthening communication and creating accountability through clearly understood roles and expectations between and among key decision-makers.

Prior to forming Mazzuca & Associates, Sam spent 17 years with The Mickus Group in Chicago, Illinois directing their national organizational development initiatives.

  • Provided performance coaching to Boards of Directors, Healthcare Executives, Medical Executives and Physician Groups leaders.
  • Developed and facilitated the implementation of multi-client cultural transformation initiatives.
  • Conducted whole system and work-force climate assessments, developed organizational improvement solutions / recommendations and facilitated their implementation.

Sam started his professional career in 1970 with Mercy Midlands Health System, Omaha, Nebraska spending 17 progressive years in Human Resources operations with increased position accountability in the following areas:

  • Strategic resources planning and recruitment
  • Total compensation and performance management
  • Policy formation and their socialization
  • Employee Relations Management
  • Training and leadership development

Degreed in Psychology and Leadership Development, Sam brings a proven track record in coaching people either in a new role or in existing role. Creating alignment with people in a dysfunctional work relationship with some of their key stakeholders, i.e., hospital authorities, board of directors, hospital and physician executives, employed / non-employed physicians and clinical care givers. Sam also served on the American Red Cross Board of Directors, receiving their citation for exceptional service.

Mazzuca & Associates has earned strong client references by delivering agreed upon desired outcomes that exceed client expectations. Their reputation for his authentic strength of experience, emotional commitment and personalized service spans industry sectors and business cultures.

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