Relationships + Consensus Building = Partnership

Our Approach

We create lasting partnerships.

Mazzuca & Associates provides services to Boards of Directors, Hospitals, and Medical Executives through several customized approaches:

Option 1

Conduct Key Stakeholders’ Role and Relationship Assessment:

  • Assessing relationships between and among Board Members, Hospital Executives, Medical Staff Leadership and their Physicians / Faculty.
  • Diagnosing with clear statements the multi-dimensional root causes to strained relationships and misalignment of roles.
  • Presenting the findings to the Board of Directors, Hospital and Medical Staff Leadership prioritizing the issues in terms of impact to be achieved if a re-partnering initiative is to be successful.

Option 2

Facilitate Role Re-Alignment and Re-Partnering Work Plan Implementation:

  • Prioritizing Option #1 Relationship and Role Assessment Recommendations for the Board of Directors, Hospital and Medical Executives into an integrated project plan for each, which includes action plans, accountabilities, and time schedules.
  • Facilitating each project plan implementation with monthly reporting of achievements to key stake holders.
  • Conduct one-to-one and/or team building interventions.
  • Coaching Board of Directors, Hospital and Medical Executives validating their roles and accountabilities into the governance framework that is aligned and interdependent with each other.

Option 3

Provide Customized Executive / Physician Coaching:

  • Design Intervention plan to improve interacting behaviors, leadership skills credibility and management effectiveness.
  • Summaries assessment findings, identify action plans and timeline.
  • Clarify role, establish alignment, performance and behavior expectations.
  • Conduct team building interventions.
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