Modern Healthcare Online: “The hard work of culture” By John Mitchell CEO

This article is in response to “The Hard Work of Culture” by John Mitchell CEO from Modern Healthcare Online.

The underlying message of John Mitchell’s article (one of the most requested) is both correct and refreshing. Its content signals to me that a CEO in a leadership mindset needs first to realize the importance of organizational culture and its many subcultures that contribute to the success of an entity. Organizational culture reflects the beliefs and behaviors in which, overtime, a body develops, learns and acts out each day. Its objective is the status quo [survival], and today in many healthcare organizations, survival is the only mindset.

Very few CEOs perceive the importance of their role and that of senior leaders plays in leading and championing desired culture change to ensure its survival and competitiveness. Mr. Mitchell does. 

The vast majority of CEOs do not understand how the power of their organizational culture correlates to their legacy or tenure success. Most CEOs focus on pleasing their board chair and feel partially accountable for the behaviors and beliefs demonstrated every day in their organization, about which they cannot change as they focus on the bottom line. I say “partial” accountability for their organization’s culture because full accountability is with the board of directors. I can safely say many board members do not understand this responsibility as one of their primary duties as many have revealed, “I was never told.”

In reality, physician clinical integration and alignment in most cases requires an organization to transform their culture to the new behavior

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